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Eve Shines Her Memories :iconshawkash:shawkash 9 77 lion3 :icondokuro:Dokuro 5 4
Mood God
I wipe my hand across the sky
Blue, red, sliver, my nails draw lines-
out the very limits of dreams
On, I laugh like some demented
haunted nightmare. Destroying
the very reality around me
My world watches as I tear
Shock to scorn, their faces grew, Excitement.
faster I took to ruining the heavens
         Racing to some raving epiphany
Still truth dawned on the sky
a huge glowing orb
Pale Perfection in the madness of Night
and the shattered remnants of my mind
suddenly, my gaze is stuck fast
the orb becomes a mercury pool, flowing
healing my distinct devastation
The metallic perfection draws closer
and I watch
Snaking tendrils leap and scold my
bloody fingers, wrists, and arms
Searing pain, yet I laugh
Some god has come at my transgressions
silver retribution for destructive sins
the searing liquid lances up my spine
and into my brain
           I laugh
:iconneo-gbuddha:neo-gbuddha 1 10
A place like no other
Hearing the sounds of nature rushing threw my ears as I
Can feel the world around me move as I move.
The wind blowing in my ears,
the hot humid air rushing threw my body,
the birds chirping, leaves rustling, branches breaking,
and the sound of a gentle stream ahead of me.
What am I trying to run from is what I want to know
as I only know I want to escape.
Venture off somewhere where I can be free,
Free from any rules but to express myself openly.
No technology to disturb me and no lights to awake
Me but the sounds of the soothing air and environment
Like no other. A secret place where I can be myself
Without a care in the world but a way of keeping
My own life full of living. Alive with my soul and
Talents, and a courageous heart to be set into a place
Like this as I stop into a radiance of magnificence.
Fields full of living things waiting to be discovered,
And a forest behind me to keep safe from any
Predators approaching to harm me.  As I listen, I can hear
The stream next
:iconimnohuman13:imnohuman13 2 2
In my Dreams :icondarkmis:Darkmis 3 13
Not Agian
She stood,
Slamming the hammer into the wall
And screaming until her throat bled.
And when she couldn't scream anymore,
She broke even more things.
She let her cat out, and boiled the fish.
She smashed every tile in the bathroom,
And cut herself breaking the mirror.
She burned all the journals,
And fed the pictures of her so called friend
To the sink disposal.
She ruined everything.
But she didn't cry. She wouldn't.
Never again would she cry because a fucking friend,
Was leaving her to rot. Not again.
:iconjaded-thorn:jaded-thorn 2 8
Numb :iconrippler:RIPpler 6 14 Twilight :iconrippler:RIPpler 22 9 Naruto - Birthday no Jutsu :iconsora-ko:sora-ko 2,461 287




United States
I dont care who follows me to my new name,

after a last couple of pictures I will no longer even check this account anymore

I would like to stress, These were preexsiting pictures and taken with permission, posted on a free website

To any one: I no longer mention people who have made it clear they do not want to be mentioned, I demand the same respect


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exspiro Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2006
theres this new [really fun] collaborative writing site going up i think you might be interested.



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Hey, thanks for the faveness! :glomp:
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Jefe booze?

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hi neat ^_^
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yes thats the jefe but no i dont think you know me
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well its plesent to meet you i'm joy
littledeath Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005  Professional General Artist
Jefe booze?

do I know you

hi neat ^_^
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I love you, my little sex slave.
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tearsxofxtripp Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005   Writer
that hurts. no i love you toos? no watching me? no calling me? NOTHING!? WHAT THE FUCK! I HATE YOU! Not really. I am just quite sad.
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